3 schools took part:

- Brighton Hill

- Costello

- The Hurst


Events that were run:

- Year 7+8 singles

- Year 7+8 doubles

- Year 9+10 singles

- Year 9+10 doubles


Year 7+8 singles winner - Harry Feast (TOTALLY TENNIS Squad Player - Costello)

Year 7+8 singles runner up - Owen Robinson (Costello)

Year 7+8 doubles winners - Harry Feast and Owen Robinson (Costello)

Year 7+8 doubles runners up - Elodie Dougal (Costello - ONLY girl attended) and Costas Bowgen (The Hurst) These two were not playing doubles and had no partner so teamed up despite being from different schools

Year 9+10 singles winner - Travis Clayton (TOTALLY TENNIS Squad player - Brighton Hill)

Year 9+10 singles runner up - Alex Gray (Costello)

Year 9+10 doubles winner - Travis Clayton and Sam Hayes (Brighton Hill)

Year 9+10 doubles runner up - Josh Goldring and Deema Bowgen (The Hurst - both TOTALLY TENNIS Squad players)

Below are Year 7+8 singles winner Harry Feast with Simon James from Totally Tennis as well as Year 9+10 doubles winners Travis Clayton and Sam Hayes.


travis and sam1